• Resource Coordinators revise the Blackwell Approval Plan profiles. However, at year’s end we are expected to go over our $100,000.00 approval allocation.
  • Government Publications completes the annual item selection on July 31.
  • To alleviate a crisis in shelving space on the 3rd floor, a weeding plan is adopted. Holding shelves for weeded items are designated, books are shelved by call number, and a special status and location identify weeded items until records can be officially withdrawn from the catalog.
  • A plan is adopted to proceed with a used book and record sale of withdrawn and gift items which have been stored in 2nd floor closed stacks. Each item is sold for 50 cents, and as of May 9, 2001 has earned $663.50 for the purchase of new library materials. Items which are not sold are sent to recycle. Pat Merkley and Fay Simms volunteered to administer the used book sale after Jim Winterbottom resigned.
  • A materials budget is proposed for the BA library. Electronic, reference and periodicals are selected, and retrospective lists from Blackwell are received.
  • Scholastic Book Fair held in the fall and in the spring earns new books for the Y collection.
  • Government Publications: Federal poster collection is weeded and barcoded; Current documents in the “new book display” are located on the first floor; Collection maintenance projects undertaken and online catalog backlogs reduced or eliminated (See GP annual report); 18,000 items are withdrawn during the fiscal year.


  • The College Strategies presentation is revised with improved captured screens to look more like the Web pages the students search in the practice exercises.
  • Room 118, the studio, is network wired for a backup classroom. A PC and a data projector are available for instruction.
  • Three sections of LIBM 4611, Electronic Information Retrieval are taught by library faculty Gary Cheatham, Helen Hill and Jeanette McQuitty in the summer, fall and spring semesters.
  • Sarah Archer and Katherine Ott write syllabi for School Library Media courses (Information Resources and Services and Introduction to Librarianship) in the College of Education.
  • A library instruction forum is sponsored by the Reference Department. Some library faculty share their instruction methods and programs.
  • Katherine Ott and Rich Edwards prepare to teach information literacy sections in the College Strategies Honors classes.
  • Jeanette McQuitty makes a series of presentations on Information Literacy to Reference/RC based on the book “Working with Faculty to Design Undergraduate Information Literacy Programs.”
  • Resource coordinators and other staff teach 276 campus and outside classes during the year.


  • NCA self study teams meet individually to work on their components and as a group, to discuss progress and share information.
  • Teams complete NCA/ACRL self studies, and print and electronic copies of team reports are presented to Dean Bela Foltin.
  • Surplus items and other equipment, furniture and supplies are removed from the studio and Suite 119 in the south wing. Academic Affairs builds a testing lab between student lounge and studio and an honors class quarters in Suite 119.
  • Systems/Tech Support Accomplishments & Problem solving. Monitoring of problems through the use of problem logs was changed to a monthly list of accomplishments. 87 items were dealt with successfully on these lists and 35 work orders were coordinated with Microcomputing Support. The logs and monthly lists will be a part of the User Services annual report.
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