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1997/1998 Annual Report Highlights

New Services:

Special Collections Symposium Videos: Cataloged two years of Indian Symposium videos. Thirty-four videos were viewed, analyzed, cataloged and attractively labeled. - Data Initiation Team and Special Collections.

Library of American Civilization cataloging: Purchased cataloging for almost 5,000 Ultramicrofiche titles from the founding of America. Expanded access to information in the library. - Data Initiation.


Government Publications: Barcoded 16,021 this year for a total of more than 61,000 in the project. Second highest year of barcoding in the project. Setup an additional 99 serials for check-in. - Data Initiation Team and Quality Control Team.

Technical Services Webpages: Redesigned the Technical Services webpages. Brought information up to date and modernized the look. Pages have been consistently used and cited by our peers over the years. - Director.


Vision for the Future: Ordered, received, and processed large quantities of Reference material with special money. Also used the funds to purchase cataloging for Ultramicrofiche and our music score backlog. - Acquisitions Team and Quality Control Team.

Library Bindery Services: Dealt with the folding of one company and temporary takeover by another company. Bid for a new commercial binder and sent first shipment before the end of the Fiscal year. - Quality Control Team.

Music Cataloging solutions: Studied and planned alternate methods for increasing the amount of scores cataloged in the library. Also planned, obtained funding and contracted for outsourcing of music score cataloging with OCLC TechPro. Enabled materials to be available for use on a much improved time schedule. - Data Initiation Team.


Windows95 and new PC's: All eight faculty and staff received new computers by the end of the year. Planned training in Windows95 for Technical Services and the entire library. Coordinated the plan with Microcomputing Services. - Coordination Team.

Themes and Principles: Coordinated a theme for the year, NOEL, based on goals set by the teams. Provided information and mementoes to keep the theme in focus. Adopted a learning goal of studying a Habit each month from Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. - Coordination Team.

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