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1996/1997 Annual Report Highlights

Government Publications: Barcoded 15,018 this year for a total of more than 45,000 in the project. Barcoded 2,000 fewer items than the year before despite working with only one team for part of the year. Setup an additional 22 serials for check-in. - Data Initiation Team and Quality Control Team

Library World Wide Web: Composed and designed pages for the Web that provided access to state, regional, college, national and international newspapers. Filled a need for access to information and have received favorable feedback and use of the pages. - Acquisitions Team.

IAC SearchBank: Provided online catalog access to new electronic resources. Cataloged and provided holding information for almost 700 fulltext journals available through the IAC SearchBank databases. -- Data Initiation and Quality Control Teams.

Library Remodeling: Took advantage of library remodeling to provide individuals with improved work spaces and access to PCs at each desk. Planned remodeling time to coincide with a project outside our Dept. so that we could be continually productive. -- Coordination Team and Data Initiation Team.

Reference Collection: Planned and completed a special project to barcode the Reference collection. Performed the project during the August 1996 break while carpet was installed in Technical Services. A second phase of the project is planned for August 1997. Responded to the needs of User Services to count in-house circulation. - Data Initiation Team.

Task Backups: Planned for backups for all tasks and coordinated and performed backup tasks during a six month period due to a leave of absence. -- Coordination Team and Technical Services members.

AV Reserve Collection: Planned and performed the first phase of a new project to barcode and complete retrospective conversion for the AV Reserve collection. During May 1997, barcoded and downloaded over 700 sound recordings from the Record collection. -- Data Initiation Team.

Training: Provided extensive training in various software programs including, DOS, Windows95, and HTML webpages. Attended by most members of Technical Services -- Coordination Team.

Bindery Control System: Installed a new bindery control system from American Bindery. Reduced time to prepare bindery shipments significantly. -- Quality Control Team.

Trends: A six- to seven-year trend has been noted of declining numbers of cataloging production and materials ordered. This decline is balanced by an increase in effort spent on providing access to electronic resources. -- All Teams.

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