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1995/1996 Annual Report

Executive Summary

  • Barcoded 17,150 Government Publications to enable automated circulation. Cooperatively planned a new barcoding procedure that increased our productivity by 250 percent. Setup an additional 357 serials for check-in including extensive holdings and barcoding of items. - Data Initiation Team and Quality Control Team

  • Composed and designed the Technical Services portion of the Library World Wide Web pages. Provided 37 pages of information that have gained favorable responses from our peers. During the month of September the Technical Services home page was the third highest used page at NSU. - All Teams.

  • Contracted with Marcive Inc. to provide temporary records for weekly shipping lists. Obtained records from the Internet and added them to the VTLS database. A total of 3,736 records were added allowing Sherry in Government Publications to attach item records to individual items as they were received. - Data Initiation Team

  • Joined the rest of the library in upgrading to VTLS94. Planned usage of the time between semesters and sucessfully checked in periodicals and newspapers before school started. Helped to identify and fix "bugs" found during the upgrade period. The upgrade has increased efficiency for serials check-in and claims operations. - Data Initiation Team and Quality Control Team.

  • Moved indexes to storage, Government Publications Reference to first floor and weeded Periodicals to storage. Moved over 6000 items during a two month period. Responded to the needs of Users Services in a timely manner. - Quality Control Team.

  • Developed a Values Statement to serve as a foundation for our work. Also made a six year study of statistics and a skill level study of each task performed to support management planning for the future. - Coordination Team.

  • For the first time in library history, compiled a list of withdrawn duplicate periodicals and submitted them for bid to several vendors. Shipped thirteen boxes of materials and received payment from two vendors. - Quality Control Team.

  • Reclassified the second half of the VHS videorecording collection to the Library of Congress classification. Responded to needs of Reserve and Circulation to provide automated counts of AV materials by subject area - Data Initiation Team.

  • Cataloged the Reference Vertical File for the local VTLS online catalog. Ninety-five folders received descriptions, titles, notes and subject access cataloging. Responded to requests from Reference to provide keyword and subject access to these materials. - Data Initiation Team.

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