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Highlights of Technical Services Accomplishments:


  • Worked closely with areas of the library to accomplish faster responses to developments. Strengthened daily ties to Government Publications, Interlibrary Loan, and Circulation - meeting the challenges of the new library paradigm which demands daily give and take between areas of the library - All Teams.

  • Provided On Order records for all new materials ordered during the year. Received favorable feedback for the new enhancement - Acquisitions Team..

  • Barcoded 6,958 Government Publications to enable automated circulation. Cooperately planned barcoding, circulation startup and check in projects with Government Publications and Circulation to reduce backlogs and expedite materials - Data Initiation Team and Quality Control Team

  • Officially closed the "Main Collection" shelf list eight years after the initial automation of the library database. Streamlined manual operations and created one location for serial manual records - Data Initation Team and Quality Control Team.

  • Performed compression of holdings screens for 875 bindery periodical titles with five members in one month's time. Simplified patron access to information - Quality Control Team.

  • Developed a new vision statement to take us into the 21st century and challenge us to constantly improve our services - Coordination Team.

  • Planned new workflows and building plans to respond to needs for workers with increased technology skills and needs for equipment with capabilities to multi-task various cataloging and other technical services tools.

  • Reclassified one half of the VHS videorecording collection to the Library of Congress classification. Responding to needs of Reserve and Circulation to provide automated counts of AV materials by subject area - Data Initiation Team.

  • Total materials handled by separate tasks in Technical services:


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